Rocket Props
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I am a man of some might say too many hobbies, but I can never have enough. During the day, I am an Electro-Mechanical Engineer at a Scientific Instrument company making X-Ray “guns” (Not weaponized, just analytical). After work, you can find me making fake ray guns in my workshop at the Artisans Asylum in Somerville, MA. I have been making things and tinkering since I could hold a LEGO brick. I am a lover of all things sci-fi, fantasy, and all things creative. I love to collect new skills and learn new techniques. Soon, I hope to launch a YouTube channel about my props, cosplay, and making of things. I do woodworking, 3D Printing, Machining, Welding, Photography, prop making, EVA Foam fabrication. I am a nerd about nearly everything, but materials especially.

The name “Rocket” comes from my gang name in the group SCUL, a local bicycle gang in which aim to be the Superhero version of ourselves. We don’t ride “normal” bikes, and we always bust the funk. I tend to think of myself as similar to Rocket Raccoon, but usually less grumpy, and also not a raccoon.

Come visit me at my shop sometime and I will show you around!

—Jacob “Rocket” LaRocca